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All 4 Quartz Partners Strategies Receive Top Rankings

Quartz Partners finished off the year with strong 4th quarter performance relative to our peers. Outperformance was driven in part by dynamic allocation changes made in the 3rd quarter. With this performance, we are very excited to share with you that all 4 of Quartz Partners core strategies have received top quartile rankings for 1-year performance through the end of December 31, 2021.

  • Quartz Equity #1 Informa PSN Top Guns “ETF Global Equity Universe"

  • Quartz Spectrum #3 Informa PSN Top Guns "ETF Global Balanced Universe" #4 Lipper Best Money Managers "International Balanced/Multi-Asset"

  • Quartz Yield Plus #1 Informa PSN Top Guns “ETF Global Fixed Income" #16 Lipper Best Money Managers "International Fixed Income Global Mandates"

  • Quartz High Yield Legacy #3 Informa PSN Top Guns “ETF Global Fixed Income"

Quartz 4Q21 Strategy Rankings
Download PDF • 611KB

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