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Investments That Adapt.

Quartz Partners Investment Management is a Registered Investment Adviser offering research-driven portfolio solutions
for financial advisors, and employers.

Investment Strategies

Research-driven strategies designed for flexibility through all market environments.

Our Strategies


Advisory Solutions

Your premiere outsourced CIO, technology, and back office support to help build a scalable practice.

Advisor Solutions


Employer Plans

A turnkey 401(k) and HSA solution that prioritizes innovative investments, liability protection and cost efficiency.

Employer Plans

Investment Strategies

Research-driven strategies designed for flexibility through all market environments. Utilizing a time-tested proprietary method focusing on data and market developments, our investment strategies are empowered with the ability to adjust to actionable changes in the market environment.

Portfolio Management.
Always on.

How We Invest

There is no way to predict the direction of the market. That's why Quartz Partners manages our investment strategies in real-time and dynamically adjusts portfolio allocations as market conditions inevitably change. When opportunities arise, we can seamlessly adjust client portfolios.

Refreshingly Different Employer Retirement & HSA Plans.

A retirement plan solution built from the top down that prioritizes cost efficiency, innovative investments and can reduce  employer liability to the greatest extent possible.

Intuitive Turn-Key Platform

Our plan is comprehensive and doesn't require any heavy lifting or outside services. The platform empowers employers to dynamically view information and make changes quickly. 

Cost Efficient

Each dollar spent on plan fees is one less for an employees retirement or growing a business. Our plans are designed to drastically lower plan fees while providing a better total retirement plan solution.

Intelligent Investments

Our plans have a highly scrutinized diversified list of individual funds, target date funds along with our own adaptCORE portfolios that adapt to changing market environments in an effort to preserve principal. 

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