Working with Advisors

​By using Quartz Partners as your money manager and back office support, we can help transform your practice by providing scalability, superior service, intuitive technology and institutional-quality portfolio management.

We'll help you focus on client relationships and building your practice.​​

Our strategies are designed to align your growing business with the investing goals of your existing and prospective clients. There are multiple channels through which our strategies are available. Each is designed to give you and your clients the peace of mind in knowing that our team is fully committed to managing your clients' portfolios towards optimal investment outcomes.

Portfolio Management Services

We offer a full suite of investment strategies and multi-strategy allocation portfolios. Partnering with Quartz Partners gives your clients a full-time CIO while freeing up valuable resources for you to build your practice and client relationships.

Our Strategies

Your Back Office

For accounts with a direct advisory relationship to Quartz Partners, you and your clients also receive our full back office solution.

Document Processing

Our website and dedicated service team can quickly help fill out and process both Quartz paperwork and custodial forms. Use our InForm Wizard or send us a message and we will get back to you quickly with the necessary paperwork.

Cash Management

We'll process one-time and systematic withdrawals with ease when your clients sign up for Quartz-directed cash management access. 

Portfolio Accounting & Reporting

Our portfolio management systems provides premium, multi-level reporting and portfolio accounting tools. 

    ✓ Advisor Level Reporting

Monitor your clients and view detailed household reports ahead of client meetings. 

    ✓ Client Level Reporting

Your clients can have access to a personalized log-in to set and track goals, view Quartz Partners account information along with +15,000 other financial institutions ranging from bank accounts to insurance.

Employer Plan Prospecting & Analysis

To help you quickly win new business we can identify ideal employer sponsored retirement plans based on geography, size and industry. Better yet we can provide an apples-to-apples analysis of their current plan vs. a Quartz; investment options, expenses, and compliance issues.

A Better 401(K) Plan.

Our employer retirement plans can be more cost effective, have better investment options and lower employer liability to the greatest extent possible. As a CEFEX certified 3(38) fiduciary, we set ourselves apart from over 95% of advisory firms. We can help you win more business and generate recurring revenue that increases each year. Our prospecting tool identifies plans that are ideal for a change of advisor. To help close prospect Quartz's dynamic current plan vs. Quartz plan report shows prospects how you can immediately improve their retirement plan.

Quartz Solutions For Advisors

Qualified Custodians

Accounts are held at qualified custodians with Quartz Partners set up as the primary advisor. This allows us to act as your "back office" with services such as account onboarding and cash management. As the Investment Adviser Representative, you can maintain your personal client relationships and help guide them through their investing life cycle.

401(K) Plans

As a CEFEX certified 3(38) fiduciary, we set ourselves apart from over 95% of advisory firms. We've designed 401(K) and other retirement plans to be more cost effective, offer better investments and lower employer liability to the greatest extent more. We can empower you with tools to identify and land more business. 

Unified Managed Accounts

Our strategies may be available as UMA "sleeves" for your Unified Managed Account Platform. This option gives you the flexibility to utilize our portfolios as standalone or defined allocation solutions. Please contact us to see if our strategies are available for your clients.

Variable Annuity Overlay

We have the ability to apply our tactical strategies to existing variable annuity policies sold by a variety of insurance companies. Under these arrangements, Quartz Partners acts as "third party money manager" and is granted authorization to trade and service the account by the client.

Quartz Partners, LLC ("Quartz") is not affiliated with any of the third parties listed above. Quartz typically does not accept the discretionary authority to direct brokerage for our advisory services and requests the Client’s direction and consent as to where they would like Quartz to custody and execute transactions for their Account. Quartz and our employees do not hold insurance licenses, recommend or sell Variable Annuities or other Insurance products that provide compensation (e.g., sales commissions or distribution fees). However, some Clients may ask us to provide our Separate Account or Institutional Model Provider advisory services to a pre-existing variable annuity product that was not originally recommended or sold by Quartz. We refer to this scenario as a “Variable Annuity Overlay”. In this scenario we will only provide advice concerning the investment options available within the Client’s variable insurance policy rather than the policy terms, riders, etc. In addition, the often higher operational expenses, limited investment options or, at times, trading restrictions may lead to a reduction in the available Strategies or a difference in the trading and/or performance the Client may have received in a traditional brokerage account with another qualified custodian/broker-dealer (“Custodian”). In some circumstances the distribution of Quartz’s advisory fees may reduce or void the benefits of certain riders on a Client’s policy. We urge Clients to speak with the Financial Professional who recommended the purchase of the variable insurance product to aid in understanding the benefits, limitations and unique costs associated with these types of products. 

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